The Glowing Mushroom Plot

From time to time, as I work on various things for Myth, my mind wanders to an image of a glowing mushroom. It’s dark, and the mushroom gives a warm glow inviting you to step closer and appreciate it for what it is. I often imagine these mushrooms at Myth, dotting the forest around the ponds, creating an almost surreal and magical feeling accented by the chorus of peepers and night insects. 

My friend, Larry Swedis, created the glowing mushroom storyline around 25 years ago: “The glowing mushroom” plot. While it may seem simple, the glowing mushroom plot was ahead of its time, encouraging adventurers to leave the tavern and explore the woods at night. It is one of my memories of him and one of the reasons you’ll find glowing things in and around the woods at Myth.

Whenever I think of the glowing mushroom plot, it brings back memories of Larry’s passion for LARP and his ability to find joy in the simple things. Let the glowing mushrooms you see in the forest at Myth serve as an echo of a great man who was passionate about LARP and his friends.

Larry Swedis | 1952 – October 21, 2003