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Welcome to Myth: Immersive Live-Action Fantasy Role-Playing

At Myth, we eliminate the barriers to entry with no membership fees and a free downloadable PDF rulebook, ensuring an accessible experience for all. Our community is vibrant and active, dedicated to crafting a welcoming environment where everyone can learn the game quickly and easily.

Experience Epic Adventures

Nestled in a scenic 4-H camp in northeast Connecticut, Myth provides the backdrop for a story-driven adventure that unfolds over five immersive campaign-style weekends each year. Our events kick off on Friday night and draw to a close on Sunday afternoon, each weekend packed with magic, heroism, and camaraderie.

Join Our Thriving Cast

Each event sees between 100-150 players and 50-100 NPCs come together to weave a tapestry of epic narratives. As a player, you’ll propel the story forward—exploring dense forests, battling formidable monsters, engaging with other characters, delving into dungeons, and uncovering hidden treasures.

Crafted by Expert Narrators

Our dedicated team of over 20 narrators tirelessly works to weave continuous and new captivating plotlines, ensuring each weekend is unique and engaging. At the events, our skilled game directors bring these narratives to life, guiding NPCs adorned in elaborate costumes to inhabit the roles that enrich the vibrant world of Myth.

Measuring Success Through Experience

We measure the success of our events not by numbers alone but by the impact they have on our community—how they make our players and NPCs feel. At Myth, it’s not just about playing a role; it’s about living an extraordinary story where every participant matters.

Myth: Where Legends Come Alive

Discover the spirit of live-action role-playing with Myth. Whether you’re battling dragons or forging alliances, every moment is an opportunity to create legends. Join us and be part of a world where fantasy becomes reality.

Our Core Values

We honor the inherent power of live roleplaying to illustrate our collective humanity.

At Myth, our weekend-long events are meticulously crafted to engage and entertain, offering both challenges and inspiration to our members. We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of role-players, providing not just games, but a pathway to develop skills, forge lifelong friendships, and build a supportive community. Our events serve as a vibrant meeting ground for a diverse group of enthusiasts, where every participant can grow, learn, and thrive in an inclusive environment.


We lead by example, fostering an environment of collaboration and empowerment. At Myth, we encourage every member to excel, facilitating an atmosphere that enables all to perform at their best. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each event is not just played, but lived.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of our community. We maintain open, clear, and consistent communication channels that ensure all members are well-informed and connected. Through proactive engagement, we strive to keep everyone involved and integral to the narrative we build together.


At Myth, we believe the essence of LARPing extends beyond mere gameplay—it’s about building a family. Our events and communication platforms are designed to forge lasting bonds, turning acquaintances into lifelong friends. We are more than a game; we are a community.


Diversity and Inclusion

We are steadfast in our commitment to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Myth is a place where diversity is celebrated, honesty is paramount, and there is zero tolerance for hate or discrimination. Our aim is to ensure that every member feels valued and respected.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are dedicated to managing our resources wisely to sustain and enhance the Myth experience. Our fiscal responsibility ensures the game’s longevity and supports continual improvements, all while upholding the high standards our community deserves.

Superior Service

Our members expect exceptional service, and we aim to surpass those expectations at every turn. Our team is committed to providing a supportive, welcoming environment where everyone feels valued. From first-time adventurers to seasoned veterans, we ensure every experience at Myth is memorable and fulfilling.

Myth Staff

Meet the Myth Team: Visionaries of Adventure

Our team is united by a shared vision and core values that fortify our unique community. We believe that the most memorable events spring from a passionate blend of imagination, creativity, and fun. Driven by these principles, we dedicate ourselves to crafting extraordinary stories and experiences that resonate with our members long after the weekend ends. It is this commitment to excellence and innovation that inspires every adventure, ensuring that each event is not just played, but cherished as a pivotal part of our ongoing saga.

Gary Smith
Game Owner | Executive Producer

Rachel Prue-Tetreault
Game Owner | Business Manager

Eric Tetreault-Prue
Game Owner/Founder | Business Manager

Mandi Lynn
Community Advisor – Outreach Team

NPC Team Leads & Guides

Our Team Leads go above and beyond; they become Guides for our new NPCs, ensuring a seamless and welcoming introduction to the world of Myth. As Guides, they are the first point of contact for newcomers, ready to answer any questions before the event and provide essential insights that prepare them for the adventure ahead.

Upon arrival, our Guides take on the role of host, showing new members around the venue and facilitating introductions to other players and NPCs. Their primary goal is to ensure that the first experience of new NPCs is not only positive and fun but also memorable. This personal touch helps forge strong bonds from the start, setting the tone for many adventures to come.

NPC Team Lead

NPC Team Lead

NPC Team Lead

How to Join Our Team

Are you ready to become part of a dynamic team dedicated to creating unforgettable LARP experiences? At Myth, we’re always eager to welcome new members who share our commitment to excellence, regardless of their LARPing experience. We value enthusiasm and a positive attitude as much as skills and knowledge.

Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Send Us a Message: Reach out with your interest and a little about yourself. We’re looking for team members who are eager to contribute to our vision.

  2. Stay Connected: We respond to every inquiry. If you haven’t heard from us within a few days, please follow up via our Facebook page—it’s possible there was a glitch with our website communication.

Explore Behind-the-Scenes Roles at Myth:

Whether you’re interested in event planning, costume design, narrative development, or logistics, Myth offers a variety of roles that cater to different skills and interests. Join us, and play a pivotal role in bringing the magic of Myth to life.

Admin: As an Admin, you play a crucial role in supporting the Director by assigning tasks to NPCs and Minions, embodying one of the gods of Dedrot’s realm, and maintaining the organization and cleanliness of the Game Operations area.

Continuity Editor: Your expertise ensures the consistency of our game lore, aligning the plot lines created by the World Builders with the established narratives of past events.

Director: In this pivotal role, you oversee event shifts, interpret plots from the World Builders, and assign roles to NPCs and Minions, ensuring the game flows smoothly and timely execution of plots.

Dungeon Designer: With a focus on setup, you create immersive environments in crypts, dungeons, and caves using lights, walls, and special effects. Those with theatrical set building experience will find this role especially rewarding, as you also get to play various roles during the event.

Dungeon Keeper: Acting as the Director’s right hand in the module areas, you ensure everything runs correctly and on schedule. Your leadership guides the Dungeon Designers, and you also participate actively in the roles you help create.

Emergency Personnel: Certified first-aiders, EMTs, paramedics, or nurses play a critical role by utilizing our medical equipment to assist in emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

Member Services Guide: As a guide, you ensure a positive first experience for new Players and NPCs. Your deep understanding of the game’s rules helps you support newcomers, making their integration seamless and enjoyable.

Minion: You temporarily augment our NPC ranks with a view towards eventually becoming a player. This role is a stepping stone for those considering a more permanent position within the Myth community.

NPC: As a permanent operations team member, you access detailed plot information and play various long-term roles that are central to ongoing narratives. Throughout the event, you’ll portray numerous characters, enhancing the game’s realism.

Support: You assist our chef in preparing meals and maintaining the kitchen, ensuring that all NPCs are well-fed and hydrated. This role is vital for behind-the-scenes support and requires no costume as it is out-of-game.

Team Lead: As a leader in the field, you ensure that everything during the event goes as planned. You lead NPCs and Minions in monster encounters, ensuring adherence to the rules, safety, and proper role portrayal.

World Builder: Ideal for those who thrive on creativity and detailed world-building. You craft the storylines that drive the game, ensuring engaging and immersive experiences for all players.