Secrets of Myth

We constantly strive to improve what we offer and how we do things at Myth. We encourage innovative new ideas and aren’t afraid to try new things to elevate the positive perception of LARP in the USA. Here are some of the things we’re doing to stay ahead:

  1. Clear rules and guidelines: We provide clear rules and guidelines for gameplay to help members understand what’s expected of them and make the game more enjoyable. Even now, we continue to find ways to make the game rules easier to understand while streamlining the overall size of our ruleset.
  2. Member feedback system: We have a system for members to provide input and suggestions when they attend adventure weekends. We also have an open-door policy where members can email the game’s founder privately.
  3. Immersive environments: We put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating realistic and immersive environments to help players feel more engaged and invested in the game world.
  4. Unique and exciting NPCs: We coach our NPCs to make memorable characters that help make the game more fun. We guide these notable roles during events to ensure they have maximum impact on the storylines going out. 
  5. Diverse character creation options: Myth offers a variety of unique races and classes to provide players with a range of character creation options. These options allow for more special characters and help ensure everyone feels important.
  6. Engaging storylines and events: We have a team of 30 writers who work to create captivating storylines that make the game more exciting. Many of our stories are single-event so players can have a sense of completion, some extended for an entire game season. We avoid storylines that go longer than a season because long plotlines make it difficult for new members to put their fingers on the game’s pulse.
  7. Clear communication channels: We have numerous ways for our members to ask questions, report issues, and receive updates for maximum communication. All they need to do to stay in the loop is sign up for the channels they prefer, whether email, Facebook, or Discord.
  8. Organize social events outside of gameplay: The game of Myth is the foundation and structure for a growing community of friends who support each other through life. During our off-season, we host non-game events to foster further a sense of community and camaraderie among our members to help forge long-term friendships.
  9. Player goals and aspirations: Players are encouraged to set a primary goal and provide feedback on their planned steps and previous actions. This knowledge helps Myth’s writers create plotlines for an intersecting game without the goals becoming overwhelming. 
  10. Quality props and costumes: High-quality props and costumes can help create a more immersive game world and make the experience more enjoyable for players. We frequently update our special effects, costumes, and props for a more immersive LARP experience that stands out. 

We call this blog post “Secrets of Myth,” but it isn’t much of a secret at all. This list of things we do is how a professional LARP should run, whether you’re entertaining a large number of members or running for a few in your backyard. Compete against yourself and forever strive to improve upon what you’ve done; your game will be the talk of the town.