Removing Toxic Members

While most LARPs have a welcoming and inclusive community, they can still have toxic members hiding in their ranks who harm the group’s overall well-being. In a game that relies on trust and cooperation amongst its members, toxic people undermine group trust by spreading rumors, causing drama, or engaging in harmful behavior that hurts the community and negatively impacts those around them.

The actions of toxic members often create an unsafe and unwelcoming environment for other members, ultimately harming the community’s reputation and pushing away potential new members. They also negatively impact the experience of others, preventing or sabotaging the meaningful connections made at the game

Removing toxic members from Myth’s community has never been fun, but it is essential to keeping our environment safer, fun, and more welcoming. In practice, we don’t announce the removal of toxic members at the game, but we’ve done so many times to keep our community healthy and happy. We prioritize healthy relationships and boundaries that foster a positive community at the game, allowing us to focus on the best portion of the community who appreciate the time it takes to organize events, write storylines, and create props that enhance their overall experience

The next time you’re having fun at Myth, know that we’re actively working to move the group in the right direction and foster positive relationships in and out of the game.