Remember the Boaconda

As time passes, we must record the names of our friends who wait for us in the eternal Hall of Heroes. One such friend and adventurer was Frank Petrosino III — a man who brought light and laughter into the world around him. 

Frank was a cast member at Mythical Journeys and worked with Don Devaney to create some of the most memorable adventures for players. Whether it was a fearsome boaconda or an unbelievable dryder, these two friends were a fantastic team. 

I miss Frank, and I am confident if he were still with us, I’d have convinced him to join us at Myth, where he’d continue to enchant those around him with unforgettable adventures. Frank was a tireless inspiration and a model of how someone who cares about the happiness of others acts.

This blog post goes out on the anniversary of his passing ten years ago. You are gone, friend, but not forgotten. May you continue to hold your sword high so its golden light will guide us to you when we, too, begin our journey to the eternal Hall of Adventurers.

Frank Petrosino III