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If you're new to live roleplaying games, don't sweat it. We were all there once. That's why we created our Member Services Team to help answer your questions and make you comfortable. Once you've signed up for an event, we'll assign you someone from our team to guide you whenever you need it.

You must be at least 16-years-old to participate in Myth events with [parental consent]. 


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Welcome to Myth – a live fantasy roleplaying game held in Pomfret, Connecticut. For six weekends each year, we convert a rustic 4-H Camp into a prop-heavy Medieval town complete with a tavern, alchemy lab, town hall, and more. Myth is a game of movement and discovery that is immersive, both mentally and physically. Here, you can create genuine connections with real people forging friendships that will last a lifetime. 


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If you’ve played tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, the Dungeon Master tells the players what is happening, and the players react. At Myth, the Game’s Directors assign roles to more than 80 NPCs who use extensive costuming to breathe life into the world as they play the townsfolk, monsters, and other characters you meet along the way. 


Now is your chance to step into the action by joining more than 200 participants in a neverending campaign-style adventure. You’ll work toward achieving your goals, forge lifelong friendships that transcend the game, and grow your character as the story progresses. Explore the numerous trails that wind through a vast forest filled with lost treasures, forgotten dungeons, and monsters so realistic you can almost hear them drip. Each event you attend means new experiences and a chance to grow your character with new skills, spells, and abilities that will help you defeat the bad guys and shape the world around you.


Once you’ve signed up for an event, our New Player Ambassador will assign a Guide to you. Before the event, this Guide will help you with character creation and answer any questions you may have. Guides are Players just like you and will be available for you throughout the event. Here are some key things you need to play Myth:

  • Costume & Weapons: You’ll need an appropriate outfit for your character and any weapons, spell packets, or accessories. Your costume doesn’t need to be expensive and, if you lack something, our player-run Questor’s Closet may have costuming or weapons you can borrow for your first event.
  • Learn the Rules: Myth has no membership fees, and our rulebook is available as a free PDF download here on our website. While the game rules are simple, we don’t expect anyone to have them memorized right away. Focus on the safety rules and anything that your character uses. We’ll teach you how to play the game in a brief pre-game workshop on the Friday of your first event. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have there or visit our highly active Discord channel to get help from enthusiastic members of Myth. During the events, you’ll be able to ask others for answers should you have questions.
  • Food: Active adventurers need to eat to keep moving. You can purchase Myths chef-prepared meal plan (meat or vegan) or pack a cooler. There is also a glass-door refrigerator with limited space available to store things. 
  • Sleeping: Players can bring a period tent and join the popular tent village near the tavern or sleep in one of 15 cabins that house ten players each. If you want a private cabin for your group, you’ll need to fill all available spaces.
  • Toiletries: You’ll be happy knowing Myth has modern showers and flush toilets. Adventurers tend to get dirty, so bring soap, shampoo, towels, toothpaste, and anything else you need to stay clean.


Many first timers expect Myth will cost hundreds of dollars for a weekend escape like this. Events usually cost $95 for the entire weekend if you register before the early bird cutoff. New players who register before this deadline pay only $75 for their first event. Take advantage of your first-event savings and consider grabbing the meal plan. The meal plan means you don’t have to shop for your weekend’s food; you don’t have to store all that food in your car or cabin, and you don’t need to spend time preparing your meals.

You should know that events tend to sell out fast, so if you’re planning to attend a particular event, register as soon as possible. 


We can’t count the times we’ve heard our members say they wish they hadn’t been afraid to try Myth sooner. For many, Myth is a reprieve from the stress of the real world. It is a chance to be someone else – a character you create and develop over years of play. Along the way, your network of friends will grow at Myth, and you’ll forge lifelong friendships. Your expanding network transcends the game to the real world, where these connections may help you find better jobs, meet influential people, and maybe even find someone special. 

We love Myth, the strong community it creates, and the many positive effects it can have. Your experience solely depends on what you put into your time there. We do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your experience with us, so if you come with the intent of having fun, you will have fun. We’re a supportive group of people, so give us a try, and you’ll be glad you did. 


Email is our primary means of communicating important information about Myth so please sign up.  You can also connect with other members on our Facebook page, Facebook Group, and highly active Discord channel.


New Players that take advantage of our early bird special pay only $75 for their first event, and that’s a savings of $45 on the regular $120 rate. Events tend to sell out, so if you want to avoid disappointment, sign up as soon as you can.


We’re not going to tell you Myth is the best game out there because we’re not competing with other games. Instead, we focus on continuous self-improvement, always striving to outdo ourselves. Our ongoing quest is to create better stories, develop more realistic costumes & props, and strengthen our community with quality members who actively support our goals. We want to raise the bar on LARPing by improving ourselves continually. If you want to be part of something like this, join us. Together we will achieve great things. 


Game Rules


Myth’s easy-to-learn rules are more than ten years in the making. We listened to the honest feedback of Players and NPCs from over 17 games, and they told us what they liked (and didn’t), and with their insight, we created Myth. 




We designed Myth so your character can make a difference the moment you start the game. You won’t be standing on the sidelines, watching veterans take care of business unless you choose to.

We look at Myth a lot like 5e -- taking live roleplaying back to its nostalgic origins with the elements that made us fall in love with the experience.



We believe in solid communication and clarity with our members through our email service and established social media channels. Communication is a two-way street, so join our email list and Facebook group to stay in touch. 





To us, the right props can enhance gameplay. Myth is continuously investing in the game, improving NPC costuming, enhancing sets with better props, and adding amazing special effects to adventure scenarios. We want to make a believable fantasy world that will keep you coming back for more. 



  • No Damage Calls: All weapons do one hit point of damage, so you won’t need a math degree to determine how many Hit Points you’ve lost in battle.
  • Open Weapon Skills: All adventurers are a cut above the common folk, allowing you to pick up any weapon (except a bow) and wield it without purchasing a skill. This benefit leaves you more points to develop your character should you not want specialized weapon skills.
  • Skill Resets: Whether it’s your first event or your 20th, you’ll always have skills available for the action thanks to a rewarding system of Short Rests and Long Rests.
  • Out-of-Game Activities: Myth schedules out-of-game BBQs, combat practices, a Mythmas party, and other events to foster a positive community of friends that supports each other during the game and in real life.
  • NPCs Eat Free: NPCs who sign up in advance for events receive complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks prepared by a professional chef.
  • Paying to Play – Not NPC: Participating in Myth as an NPC is a lot of fun, but if you’ve paid to play the game, you remain a player the whole time. Occasionally, we make limited NPC shifts available for Players interested in earning additional XP or jumping into a heavier combat role for a time.