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If you're new to live roleplaying games, don't sweat it. We were all there once. That's why we created our Member Services Team to help answer your questions and make you comfortable. Once you've signed up for an event, we'll assign you someone from our team to guide you whenever you need it.

You must be at least 16-years-old to participate in Myth events with [parental consent]. 


Step into Legend… Where Reality and Fantasy Intertwine
When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Imagine a world where the dice stay at rest while you leap into action. The thrill isn’t confined to a character sheet but sprawls around you, tangible and teeming with life. That’s Myth — where you don’t just play; you become. Here, legends aren’t told—they’re lived.

The Living Landscape of Damar Keep
Thrust into the heart of Pomfret, Connecticut, an ordinary 4-H Camp undergoes a miraculous metamorphosis six times a year. Damar Keep beckons the brave by echoing the magic of the classic “Keep on the Borderlands” module. Every corner, a story. Every shadow, a mystery.

You’re Not Just Role-playing. You’re Role-living!
Whether diving deep into forbidden forests, unearthing age-old mysteries, or maneuvering the dangerous alleys of political intrigue—Myth is your canvas. Create your character with a palette of 10 races and 12 classes, then paint your destiny.

Safety Amidst the Saga
Adventures should thrill, not threaten. At Myth, every twist, turn, spell, and sword swing is calibrated for maximum fun and paramount safety. 

A Weekend of Enchantment and Adventure
As Friday’s twilight heralds the start, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Myth until Sunday’s thrilling conclusion. And when night blankets the land, find sanctuary and solace in adventurer-worthy cabins amidst the whispering forest. When dawn breaks, rise rejuvenated, eager to face new challenges and craft tales of courage and camaraderie.

Evolve in Every Episode
Every Myth weekend is a chapter in your hero’s journey. Grow in prowess and power, gather allies, earn legendary skills, and carve a niche in Myth’s eternal chronicles.

It’s More Than A Game. It’s Hyraeth. 
Drawing inspiration from the Welsh word “hiraeth”—a word capturing a deep, nostalgic yearning—our realm known as Hyraeth beckons with a profound connection. It’s a land that feels like home, familiar and comforting, even if it’s your first journey. Here, camaraderie isn’t scripted—it’s genuine and heartfelt. Beyond the quests and quandaries, Myth stands as a beacon where souls intertwine in shared passion, forging bonds that resonate with the essence of belonging.

Unmatched, Unyielding, Unforgettable
We’re not here to outdo other LARPs; we’re here to outdo ourselves. We strive to craft every event and every challenge to surpass the last. Brace yourself for heart-pounding tournaments, enigmatic hunts, and festivities.

Join our ranks and tales on Facebook. Witness the Myth unfold.


Your Mythical Checklist: What You Need to Embark

1. A Guiding Hand: From the moment you sign up for an adventure, a dedicated New Player Ambassador introduces you to your personal Guide. Think of them as your in-world mentor, someone who will assist you in character creation and be your beacon throughout the event. Remember, every Guide once stood where you stand, eager and curious.

2. Gear & Garb: Channel your inner hero! Whether you’re a mage, warrior, or rogue, don a costume that reflects your character’s essence. Weapons, spell packets, and accessories add to the realism. And fear not, newcomer, for if your adventurer’s wardrobe is yet to be complete, the Questor’s Closet might have just what you need. Here, fellow players offer weapons and costuming for those in need.

3. Know Thy Rules: Step into Hyraeth well-armed with knowledge. Our rulebook, your guide to Myth’s mechanics, is available as a complimentary PDF. Don’t stress about mastering every rule before you arrive. Instead, focus on the essentials—safety and your character’s unique abilities. Before diving into the weekend’s adventures, we’ll hold a primer workshop, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with our world. If queries arise, our vibrant Discord community is just a click away, brimming with veterans eager to assist.

4. Feast Fit for Heroes: Hyraeth’s adventures are bound to work up an appetite. Opt for Myth’s chef-crafted meal plans (offered in both meat and vegan variants) or bring your provisions. Limited refrigerator space is available, so plan accordingly.

5. Rest Like Royalty: For those who wish to sleep beneath the stars, set up your period tent in the bustling tent village by the tavern. Prefer a roof? Claim a bunk in one of our 15 cabins, each accommodating ten adventurers. Gather your allies to fill a cabin if you yearn for a private retreat.

6. Personal Panache: The thrill of adventuring is bound to leave its mark. Thankfully, modern amenities like showers and flush toilets are at your disposal. Pack your essentials—soap, shampoo, towels, toothpaste—to cleanse the day’s grime and prepare for tomorrow’s legends.

Your saga in Hyraeth awaits, and this checklist ensures you’re well-prepared for every twist and turn. Dive in, adventurer, and may your tale be one for the ages!


Investing in Adventure: How Much for a Mythic Weekend?

Dive deep into the world of Hyraeth without emptying your treasure chest. Many anticipate a high price for such a grand weekend odyssey, but Myth defies those expectations.

Early Bird Offers: Swift adventurers can seize our early bird pricing. For the entire weekend, a mere $95 unlocks the gates to Hyraeth. And for those stepping into our world for the first time? Your inaugural journey is even more enticing: just $75 with early bird registration.

On-the-Day Adventurers:
For those who choose spontaneity, the door price is $120. However, be forewarned: paying at the door is a gamble. Our tales are as coveted as the rarest elixirs, and spots fill up rapidly. Should all the slots be taken, even the most charming bard or gallant knight might find themselves turned away at the gates.

For a truly effortless experience? Consider our meal plan. Why grapple with grocery bags when you could be grappling with legends? Opt for the meal plan, feast without the fuss, and ensure you’re fueled for every thrilling chapter of your Myth adventure.

A piece of sage advice: seats in our saga are claimed swifter than a dragon’s flight. So if a particular Myth event beckons you, heed the call and secure your chapter without delay.


So often, we’ve heard tales from our Mythic family members who lament, “If only I’d stepped into this world sooner!” Myth is not just a game; it’s a sanctuary, an escape. Imagine setting aside life’s burdens and stepping into the shoes of a character molded by your wildest dreams, one that grows richer with each unfolding chapter.

But Myth goes beyond fantastical tales. Here, amidst enchanted woods and legendary quests, real bonds blossom. Friendships you forge in Hyraeth follow you into reality, connecting you to a world of opportunities, from career advancements to meetings with inspiring souls, and perhaps, even kindling the sparks of romance.

Our heart beats for Myth—for the vibrant community it nurtures, and the transformative power it holds. Your Myth adventure is what you make of it. With every intention of ensuring you find joy in our world, we believe that if you enter Hyraeth with a heart open to mirth and magic, delight is inevitable.

We’re more than just players; we’re a family. Take the leap, join our tale, and discover a chapter of your life you never knew you were missing.


Email is our primary means of communicating important information about Myth so please sign up.  You can also connect with other members on our Facebook page, Facebook Group, and highly active Discord channel.


Our digital realm is bustling and as vibrant as Hyraeth itself! While email remains our chief conduit for pivotal Myth updates (make sure you’re signed up!), our community thrives in various corners of the web. Engage with fellow adventurers on our Facebook page or delve deeper into discussions in our Facebook Group. And for real-time banter, tales, and camaraderie, join the lively chatter on our bustling Discord channel. Dive in and become part of the legend, both online and off.

Beginners, Behold!

Your inaugural leap into Myth comes with a gift: Embark for just $75 with our early bird special. That’s a full $45 less than the regular at-the-door price of $120. Player slots are limited, and fortune favors the swift as all of our events always sell out.


Our Philosophy

We tread a path that doesn’t seek to outshine other games. Instead, our compass is set on evolving Myth’s own brilliance. We weave grander tales with each gathering, craft more immersive costumes and props, and kindle the fires of community spirit, always welcoming those who champion our mission. We’re not about being the best in the world, but about being the best for the world of LARPing. If you share our ethos of ceaseless growth and immersive storytelling, then Myth beckons you. Together, our legends will intertwine.

Crafted From Experience
Myth isn’t a first draft. It’s a refined narrative, born from over a decade of insights. By collating candid feedback from Players and NPCs spanning 17 diverse games, we’ve sculpted a world uniquely attuned to the desires of its inhabitants. Our rules aren’t just written—they’re lived, loved, and iteratively perfected.

Step Into the Spotlight
Myth isn’t just about watching legends; it’s about becoming one. From your inaugural footstep into Hyraeth, your character can shape its destiny. You won’t be a mere spectator; the stage is as much yours as it is for any seasoned player. The choices remain yours—whether to leap into the fray or relish the narrative from a vantage point. At Myth, every voice adds to the tale.

Myth is our ode to the golden era of live roleplaying, reminiscent of D&D 5e that rekindled the classic essence that first ignited our passion for adventure.

Open Dialogue: Our Commitment
Communication is the cornerstone of our community. Through dedicated email updates and vibrant social media interactions, we ensure every voice is heard, every query addressed. Joining our email list and participating in our Facebook group keeps you not just informed, but engaged and interconnected.

Beyond Reality: The Myth Experience
Immersion isn’t just a term for us—it’s a promise. We’re in an unending endeavor to magnify the Mythic experience. From meticulously curated NPC attires to artfully designed set props, every detail is refined to transport you deeper into the realm of fantasy. With the introduction of cutting-edge special effects in our adventure scenarios, we aim for not just a game but a living, breathing fantasy. Our aspiration? To craft a world so enthralling, you’ll eagerly await every opportunity to return.

Distinctive Elements of Myth: What Makes us Unique

  • Simplified Combat Dynamics:
    We keep it straightforward with our damage system. Every weapon deals one hit point of damage. This uncomplicated approach means you can immerse yourself in the experience without juggling complex calculations mid-battle.

    Innate Combat Prowess:
    In the world of Myth, every adventurer stands out from the ordinary. Regardless of your chosen path, you can wield any weapon (excluding bows) instinctively, without the need for a specific skill purchase. This natural prowess provides you greater flexibility in character development and more points for other enhancements.

    Continuous Skill Availability:
    Your adventures are boundless, and so is your potential. Be it your inaugural event or the celebration of your 20th, our Short Rest and Long Rest system ensures you’re always empowered and ready for the action.

  • Building Bonds Beyond the Battlefield:
    Beyond the tales of valor and sorcery, we nurture a tightly-knit community. Our calendar boasts out-of-game BBQs, combat trainings, festive Mythmas celebrations, and more. These gatherings are designed to deepen friendships, both in-game and in real life.

    Perks for Our NPC Champions:
    Our Non-Player Characters (NPCs) play a pivotal role in breathing life into Myth. To show our appreciation, NPCs who pre-register are treated to complimentary gourmet meals, refreshments, and snacks courtesy of our skilled chef.

    Pure Player Experience:
    When you commit to Myth as a player, we respect that choice. You’ll be immersed in your player role throughout, unburdened by obligatory NPC shifts. For those keen to occasionally dive into the exciting chaos of NPC roles or yearn for that extra XP boost, we occasionally offer limited NPC opportunities.