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Welcome to Myth’s online store. We have collected some of our favorite products from and included them in our online store as affiliate links. When you purchase items using the added links, Myth receives a portion of the sale at no cost to you. As these funds accumulate, we use them to higher-end props, costuming, and special effects. Using these links before you do any shopping on Amazon helps the game even if you don’t end up purchasing the linked product.

Please note: Myth has no control over the prices shown here, and they are subject to change without notice.

Myth Branded Apparel & Accessories

The manufacturer has set the prices for all Myth branded apparel & accessories. Visit our apparel page here.

Myth Approved Weapons & Shields

The following weapons and shields are tested and approved for use at Myth. All weapons must still be examined for safety during check-in regardless as product quality can change. We have done our best to select a more affordable range of options.

Higher Range Weapons & Shields

If you are looking for quality weapons, shields, and polearms with a great look, visit the Epic Armoury website. Your best bet there is hybrid style weapons which tend to have a softer impact. All weapons must be safety approved at game check-in.

Costume & Costuming Accessories

These are some suggested costume pieces or accents.

Costume & Costuming Accessories

These are some of the items we recommend by Myth.