Debunking LARP Myths

LARPing (Live Action Role Play) has been gaining popularity over the years thanks to popular shows like Game of Thrones, The Witcher, and other fantasy shows. However, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the hobby. This piece will explore some of the most common LARP myths and set the record straight.

  1. LARPing is just for geeks and nerds. This is one of the most persistent myths about LARPing, but it’s simply not true. People of all ages, backgrounds, and interests participate in LARP events, and the hobby has a vibrant and diverse community.
  2. LARPing is just for people who like to dress up. While costumes are essential to LARPing, the hobby is about much more than just dressing up. LARPing is an immersive and interactive experience that allows players to act out their favorite characters and explore different worlds and scenarios.
  3. LARPing is just for people who like to play make-believe. While LARPing does involve elements of make-believe, it’s much more complex than that. LARPing requires players to think critically, solve puzzles, and work together as a team. It’s an engaging and mentally stimulating hobby that requires more than just imagination.
  4. LARPing is just for people who like to fight. While combat is a part of many LARP events, it’s not the only focus. Some LARP events are entirely non-combat, while others focus on diplomacy, role-playing, or other game elements.
  5. LARPing is dangerous. LARPing is a physically demanding hobby, but it’s not inherently dangerous. Most LARP events have strict safety rules and use foam weapons to ensure no harm comes to players. Additionally, many LARP events have trained medical staff to assist if needed.
  6. LARPing is expensive. While it’s true that LARPing can be a costly hobby, it’s okay to spend a little money to participate. Many LARP events offer loaner costumes and equipment, and players can often purchase or make their costumes on a budget.


LARPing is a passionate and engaging hobby that people from all walks of life enjoy. By debunking these popular myths, we hope to encourage more people to try LARPing and experience the fun and excitement for themselves. Try Myth. Try other LARPs from different genres you enjoy. You’ll be glad you did.