Rulebook Changelog

Our Errata and Changelog enables us to communicate changes to the Myth Player’s Handbook. As we add updates to this page, we will date them and credit the individual who found the correction. The change is official at that time, but we may not reflect it in our online or print versions until later.


## [1.6.3 Errata] – Unreleased

Delivery Methods

  • April 9, 2021:  Updated Delivery Methods (Bestow) to note that all unused Bestow effects expire once you Short or Long Rest.
Character Death
  • April 13, 2021: Updated Good Fortune. Good Fortune: Remove one die from your total roll. You can remove one die for each Good Fortune card you redeem before you start rolling.

Character Creation Overview

  • December 8, 2020: Updated XP you receive for helping with setup and breakdown from 15 XP to 20 XP per hour. [Eric Tetreault]

Magic – Healing/Utility

  • Nov 30, 2020 [Page 39] Hope’s Blessing should have included a note that said you cannot cast the spell on yourself. [Andrew Warzocha]


  • Nov 28, 2020 [Page 56] Druid Spider Totem had a reference to a prerequisite of Backstab. We REMOVED this requirement. [Eric Stephenson]

Crafting Professions

  • December 7, 2020 [Page 96] Removed “You may use a single refinement up to 10 times.  Example: A Novice Hunter may spend 1 Labor and turn 10 Hide into 10 Leather.” from Refining Professions [Refinement] as this would unbalance the system. [Kenny Trochsler]

## [1.6.2 Errata]– Released November 26, 2021

# Added
# Changed
# Removed

  • Credit PageBottom of page “Hyraeth” spelled incorrectly. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 5: “How to Multiclass” and “Skill Keys” listed twice as Page 25. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 6: “Two-Handed Weapons” does not need to be plural. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 20: “Ears:” under “Physical Qualities” is typed twice. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 22“Clothing” is not bold and does not have a bullet point. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 26: Descriptions for “Outdoors Only”, “Self Only”, & “Permanent” lack end punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 27: “Aura” description does not mention exceptions to the “be conscious to receive effect” rule. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 28: Descriptions for “Disease”, “Disengage”, and “Dispel” lack end punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 28: “Final Death” description incorrect. Can also be removed by Ultimate Self-Sacrifice [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 28: “Pin” description incorrect. Skill can affect either left or right leg. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 29: Description for “Repair” lacks end punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 36: Under “Execute”, the word “Persons” should not be plural but instead a possessive and requires the apostrophe. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 37: “Sneak Attack 3” lacks the end punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 38: “Command(Ignore)” does not mention that if the target takes damage from the caster, the spell is negated. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 41: “Hurl Potion” includes a statement in quotations which is not an enchant and does not need quotations. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 41: “Steady Hand” needs to include that taking user cannot ingest potion while taking damage. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 44: Under “Interchangeable Parts”, the word “Substitute” is spelled incorrectly.
  • Page 45: “Permanency” is to include that this skill cannot be used on crafted buildings or facilities. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 52: Under “Shooting Star” the included enchant lack the end quotation mark. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 52: Under “Fueled By The Storm”, the word “Spell” needs to be added to describe the type of damage to be resisted. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 55: Under “Raven” Tier 6 ability “Collector of Secrets”, the word “Something” should begin with a capital letter. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 57: Description of “Chilling Blow” lacks the proper ending punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 58: “Defense” description to include the requirements of armor on all three body locations. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 61: Description of “Benefactors” lacks the proper ending punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 62: “Defense” description to include the requirements of armor on all three body locations. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 66: Description of “Defense” incorrect and much be edited to the same description as Fighter and Paladin skills. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 71: Description of “Crushing Force” includes “Armament” in the name of the skill and emboldened. This is incorrect. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 71: Description of “Crushing Force” lacks the end quotations of the enchant. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 71: Description of “Better Than New” required further clarification on skill mechanics. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 71: Alphabetized Runesmith Charts [Eric Tetreault]
  • Page 71: Greater Runic Reserve in on the Tier charge as Tier 6 but listed in the descriptions as Tier 5 [Dennis Archambault]
  • Page 71: “Defense” description to include the requirements of armor on all three body locations. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 72: Description of “Shatter Magic” lacks the proper ending punctuation. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 87  “Two-Handed Weapons” does not need to be plural as it is still the use of a single weapon. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 100: Under “Your Cabin”, the first word of the first paragraph is “You” and should be “Your. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 103: Under “Damage or Effects, the “Armor” section does not mention Temporary armor which can be added by skills such as Defense, or by repair skills such as “Better Than New” which are not spells. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 107: Under “Saved By The Bell”, at the end of the paragraph, the word “instance” should have an “S” at the end of it. [Eric Stephenson]
  • Page 111: Under “Campfire” describes a Game Manager and a GM which myth no longer has.[Eric Stephenson]

## [1.6.1 Errata] – Released November 23, 2020

# Added

  • Page 28: Spell Keyword: Any skill that is delivered with the “Through” keyword.
  • Page 31: Added Execute skill missing from Basic Open Skills list. [Jimmy Chang]
  • Page 66: Added Single Use Flag to Walk it Off.  [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 86: Added Single Use Flag to Natural Defenses.  [Guiseppe Martino]

# Changed

  • Page 31: Changed Bandage Keyword to First Aid to match skill description. [Jimmy Chang] 

# Removed



  • Page 26: Updated Through listing to include that Spells are Skills. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 28: Updated Maim keyword to now requires you to drop to that respective knee if maimed in the leg. [Quinn Blumfield]
  • Page 29: Adjusted the description for the Crit keyword.
  • Page 28: Poison Keyword updated to state skills rather than “skills and spells” since spells are also skills. [Anthony Viola]
  • Page 36: Updated verbiage for Hidden Stash to include the need for a special pouch. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 36: Thrown weapons migrated from 6 to unlimited. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page: 36-39: Added single-purchase flag to several unmarked skills. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 41: Updated description for Identify Potion. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 41: Aerosol Powder now includes potions if you have the Hurl Potion skill. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 41: Updated Hurl potion to show it is delivered via packet and cleaned up language. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 41: Added single purchase flag to Lesser Alchemist Flask.
  • Page 46: Performance updated to “Bards may have only one Performance active at a time.  You are naturally affected by your own music spells, so this does not count against your number of Patrons.” to make it more clear that bards do not count as their own patron, but do benefit from their music. [Paul Kline]
  • Page 48: Removed thrown weapon limit on Knife Juggler. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 51: Changed Restoration to Life on Druid Mulch skill. [Nolan Stack]
  • Page 54: Added single-purchase flags to Nature’s Remedy, Drink of the Lifeblood, Woodland Stride and Totemic Gift. 
  • Page 55: Added Single purchase flag to Totemic Blessing. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 55: Updated Elemental Echo and Nature’s Voice to “A spell you know”. [Nolan Stack]
  • Page 56: Added Single purchase flag to all Druid Totems. [Jesse Bourbeau]
  • Page 56: Updated Bane for Wolf to be more clear. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 56: Updated Lizard Tier 4 ad Tier 6 descriptions. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 56: Updated Spitting Cobra and Deadly Venom description on Snake to be more clear. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 56: Updated Tier 4 Rat Description and changed Tier 6 name to Contagion [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 56: Updated Tier 4 Spider Description [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 56: Updated Tier 4  and Tier 6 Wolf Descriptions [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 57: Updated Diehard description. Now this movie is better than ever. You’re going to love it. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 67: Updated listing for Greater Hidden Stash. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 68: Updated verbiage for Escape Artist. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 68: Added single-purchase flag to Walk it Off. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 69: Updated Assassinate with “Crit Death.” [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 69: Updated Cheat Death. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 71-72: Updated various Single-purchase flags that were missing. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 73: Adjusted Alignment Focus description and rest time. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 74: Updated Glass Cannon to Long Rest. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 75: Updated Empowered Spellbook regarding possessing weapons and to say spells must come from enemies. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 95: Updated Journeyman Hunter to Rank 2. [Justin Rivera]
  •  Page 96: Had Novice Miner listed twice. Updated the second listing to be Master Miner.
  • Page 106: Adjusted Returning to Life to be 15 or above
  • Page 111: Updated write up for Guilds to make it clear they are large-scale organizations created by the game (not players) and a player not be part of more than one guild. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 111: Updated write up for Houses to make it clear these are the local organizations players create. [Guiseppe Martino]
  • Page 111-113: Updated house writeups, benefits, and naming conventions to make houses more clear overall. [Eric Tetreault]

## [1.6.0 Errata] – Released November 16, 2020

Updating the Myth rulebook is a project that couldn’t be completed alone. It is a culmination of hundreds of hours of work, countless face-to-face and online meetings, Facebook chats, and emails. It is refreshing to run side-by-side with a team that has been so focused and driven to succeed. Your passion for the game shines on every page of this guide. It is a reflection of your outstanding dedication to the community.

  • Game Rules: Jesse Bourbeau, Guiseppe Martino, Eric Tetreault, Jimmy Tierney, Kenny Trochsler, Anthony Viola.
  • Rulebook Editors: Joshua Dziewaltowski, Christopher Freligh, Rex Riley Merril, Fiona Somerset, George Ghitelman Spier, Kenny Trochsler, Anthony Viola, Andrew Warzocha.
  • World Designers: Joe Kingston, Ellis McGinley-Knapp, Gary Smith, Mandi Smith, Fiona Somerset, Kenny Trochsler, Anthony Viola
  • Game Map: Gary Smith

I can’t express the immense gratitude I feel for those contributions. Thank you. I want to give Jesse Bourbeau and Guiseppe Martino a special shoutout for all the pre-covid rule meetings. And Guiseppe, an extra shoutout for the countless hours, brainstorming, and endless ideas. We couldn’t have done this without you.