Rulebook Changelog

In our continuing effort to maintain effective communication with our members, we have created a changelog to show the progress of the game rules from version to version. All notable changes to the Myth rulebook will be documented in this file. Future changes should be submitted using the form below.


## [1.5.3] – Unreleased

# Added

  • Page 53: Not sure how our editors missed an entire skill chart. It’s back now. [Eric T]


  • Page 27: Updated the Chain Keyword [Guiseppe M]
  • Page 29: Updated the Sanctuary Keyword [Guiseppe M]

# Changed

  • Page 53-55: Sorted all Ranger skills alphabetically. [Eric T]

# Removed

  • Page 77: Removed legacy reference to one-handed and two-handed weapons. [Matt T]

## [1.5.2] – Released Feb 8, 2020

Thanks to the diligence of our members we have made a lot of updates in 1.5.2. One of the most notable updates is a change in overall formatting of the rulebook to accommodate correct printing as well as changing locations of chart placement. What does all this mean? It means that changes noted on pages below might not align with this version.

# Added

  • Page 29: Made Recharge able to be done during the event. [Dennis A]
  • Page 41: Added “elementally aligned” to description for clarity. [Dennis A]
  • Page 45: Added flag to Riposte. [Gus M]
  • Page 46: Added diehard prerequisite to Defiance. [Gus M]
  • Page 46: Changed Disengage to Startle. [Eric T]
  • Page 46: Added flag to Weapon Mastery. [Gus M]
  • Page 53: Added Water to Path of the Ranger. [Gus M]
  • Page 55: Added prereq of Favored For to Hidden Weakness [Andrew W]
  • Page 57: Changed Disengage to Startle. [Eric T]
  • Page 59: Added any effect to Evasion. [Gus M]
  • Page 75: Added “Weapon – Short Rest – Target: From Behind” to Sneak Attack 2 and 3 skills.
  • Page 77: Added Bestow to Flame Blade. [Gus M]
  • Page 77: Added Bestow to Blessed Weapon. [Gus M]
  • Page 77: Added Bestow to Enhance Weapon. [Gus M]
  • Page 77: Added Bestow to Delay Poison. [Gus M]
  • Page 78: Added Bestow to Magic Weapon. [Gus M]
  • Page 78: Added Bestow to Frost Brand. [Gus M]
  • Page 78: Added Bestow to Empower. [Gus M]
  • Page 118: Added “With any bias removed, remedies for inappropriate behavior are determined solely by Myth management. In rare circumstances, Myth may make the transgressions and remedies public if deemed necessary for the safety of the community. ” to our Remedies for Inappropriate Behavior section.



  • Table of Contents: Correctly updated the table of contents to be self-building (7 hours). This takes long than just building it manually, but everything will be accurate. Table of contents is now multiple pages to make things easier to find in the rulebook.
  • Reduced Size of Rulebook: With changes to the structure of the rulebook, we were able to reduce the size by approximately 10 pages wtihout diminishing the high level of quality ad professionalism we are going for.
  • Classes: Alphabetized all class charts and skill descriptions so things are easier to find.
  • Layout: Moved pages 64 through 69 to start before Classes on page 23.
  • More Layout: As a result of structural changes to the rulebook, quite a bit needed to be restructured both with layout and graphics. (28 hours).
  • Spells: Went through all spells and made sure anything that needed a duration had one in the incantation. [Eric T]
  • Page 26: Changed name of Poison Immunity to Greater Resist Poison. [Dennis A]
  • Page 33: Changed Increased Patronage to +2 Patrons. Bards start the game with 2 Patrons.
  • Page 33: Changed Movements so they do not interrupted your performance. [Matt T]
  • Page 35: Changed Armored Aria to short rest [Eric T]
  • Page 37: Updated Armor of Faith to be self-only. [Gus M]
  • Page 38: Updated Remove Curse incantantion. [Gus M]
  • Page 38: Updated incant for Restore Life. [Gus M]
  • Page 38: Updated Split Healing incantation. [Gus M]
  • Page 39: Changed Font of Miracles to include reference to body-aligned. Also cleaned up formatting. [Dennis A]
  • Page 40: Changed Totemic Spellcasters reference of Air to Wind. [Dennis A]
  • Page 41: Change Elemental Eruption to Elemental Echo [Dennis A]
  • Page 42: Change Hail of Thorns to Wild Echo [Dennis A]
  • Page 44: Updated description for Favored Foe [Gus M]
  • Page 45: Changed Riposte to be Permanent [Dennis A]
  • Page 45: Updated Diehard to be used while bleeding out or immobile. [Gus M]
  • Page 46: Changed Cleave from Permanent to Long Rest [Dennis A]
  • Page 46: Updated Action Surge to work with Tier 1 – 3 Melee Skills [Dennis A].
  • Page 47: Updated Cleave to be Permanent. [Gus M.]
  • Page 47: Updated Action Surge to be any skill rather than Tier 1-3.
  • Page 48: Adjusted outdated page reference to Dieties. [Eric T]
  • Page 49: Changed Benefactor to +2 Benefactor. Paladins begin the game with two Benefactors [Eric T]
  • Page 50: Updated Defense to be 3 points rather than 1. [Gus M]
  • Page 50: Updated Lay on Hands incantation [Gus M]
  • Page 50: Updated Stand Against the Dead incantation [Gus M]
  • Page 50: Updated Ultimate Sacrifice incantation [Gus M]
  • Page 51: Changed Aura of Freedom to be  Aura – “Resist” Paralyze, Bind, or Pin. Prerequisite: Divine Aura. [Chad B]
  • Page 53: Added Favored For Prerequisite to Tactics. [Dennis A]
  • Page 54: Made Foe Hammer Short Rest. [Gus M]
  • Page 54: Updated Pry Magic Lock. [Jesse B]
  • Page 55: Updated description for Favored Foe [Gus M]
  • Page 58: Changed Walk it Off to be permanent. [Andrew W]
  • Page 60: Made Divine Shroud self only [Gus M]
  • Page 61: Updated Mage Armor Incantation [Gus M]
  • Page 65: Updated the RP skill modifier. [Gus M]
  • Page 65: Updated the THROUGH skill modifier. [Gus M]
  • Page 67: Updated Bestow Keyword to make more sense [Mark S]
  • Page 67: Updated crit description. [Gus M]
  • Page 67: Updated Prone description [Eric T]
  • Page 69: Updated Sanctuary description to state Shell instead of Resist. [Gus M]
  • Page 69: Updated Bark Skin incantation. [Gus M]
  • Page 76: Updated Carry Companion incantation. [Gus M]
  • Page 97: Updated poison writeup to make it more clear. [Matt T]
  • Page 104: Updated Defeating Your Opponent and Last Shot to Torso Rule [Eric T]


  • Page 8: Removed “and each grants you a unique racial trait” as they no longer do. [Dennis A]

## [1.5.1] – Released Feb 1, 2020

# Added

  • Pages 12 & 13 (Racial Header) were somehow missed.
  • Page 31: Added crafting tag to Craft Wondrous Item.
  • Page 87: Added Repair Armor so it was more clear how to fix damaged armor and shields.


  • Page 10: Updated starting Vitality from one to three. [Gus M]
  • Page 10: Made corrections to character creation. [Gus M]
  • Updated the Table of Contents to accommodate structural changes to the rulebook (adding in pages 12 & 13). [Eric T]
  • Page 76: Moved Vitality from Tier 1 to Tier 3.
  • Page 95: Made adjustments to Novice bulleted list regarding the repair of items.

## [1.5.0] – Released Feb 1, 2020

This version is a significant change to the game rules allowing all characters the ability to start from scratch if they so choose.