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Don't Forget to Say Thanks!

If you enjoyed an event, don't forget to say thank you to the Staff, NPCs, and other players who worked hard to make it an enjoyable experience. Your positive feedback inspires them and goes a long way. Thanks for that.

Our staff shares the vision and values that strengthen our unique community.

Our team believes the best events are born from a passionate mix of imagination, creativity, and fun. These are the elements that inspire us to tell incredible stories we’ll all talk about for years to come. 

Myth Staff

Anthony Viola
Executive Producer | HR

Gary Smith
Executive Producer | Prop Designer

Kenny Trochsler
Asst. Producer | Craft Master

Fiona Somerset
New Player Ambassador | NPC Guide

Chelsea Stoddard
New Cast Ambassador | NPC Guide

Joe Kingston
Dungeon Designer

Eric Tetreault-Prue
Game Founder | Marketing Director

Rachel Prue-Tetreault
Game Founder

This Could Be You
Someone Making a Difference

NPC Team Leads & Guides

Ray Rilling
NPC Team Lead | NPC Guide

Mandi Lynn
NPC Team Lead | NPC Guide

This Could Be You
NPC Team Lead | NPC Guide

New Player Guides

Pat Choquette
Player | Player Guide

Lance Dupret
Player | Player Guide

Andrew Warzocha
Player | Player Guide

Crystal Aldrich
Player | Player Guide

Brian Mahner
Player | Player Guide

George Michael Ghitelman Spier
Player | Player Guide

Quinn Blumenfeld
Player | Player Guide

Justin Rivera
Player | Player Guide

Jesse Bourbeau
Player | Player Guide

How to Join Our Team

Want to join us? We are always on the lookout for quality team members that share our vision for excellence. Even if you’re new to LARP, we are happy to have the right people with the right attitude. If you’d like to sign up, send us a message. We get back to everyone, so if you don’t hear from us in a few days, message us through Facebook as there may be an issue with our website.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes roles at Myth:
  1. Admin: You play a pivotal part by helping the Director to assign tasks to NPC and Minions, taking on the role of one of the gods in Dedrot’s realm, and keeping the Game Operations area clean and organized.
  2. Continuity Editor: You are vital in making sure the plot lines created by the World Builders are consistent with the game lore and remain consistent with what we’ve done in the past. 
  3. Director: As a Director, you manage shifts at events to interpret the plots written by the World Builders. During your time, you assign roles to NPCs and Minions who breathe life into their characters, keep the game flowing, and monitor what plots need to run when. 
  4. Dungeon Designer: Much of your event involves setting up lights, walls, crawlways, and special effects for the various crypts, dungeons, caves, and other places players might encounter. You may also have an opportunity to play multiple roles in the things you create during the event. People with theatrical set building experience will feel right at home.
  5. Dungeon Keeper: You are the hand of the Director in the module building, ensuring modules are set up correctly and go off as planned. You are also a leader-type and an experienced member of the operations team with strong knowledge of the game rules. You lead the Dungeon Designers and will also get to play multiple roles in the things you create during the event.
  6. Emergency Personnel: You are a first-aid certified, a licensed EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, etc., willing to utilize our medical gear to help a member in the event of an emergency.  
  7. Member Services Guide: You want to make sure the first experience had by Players and NPCs at Myth is a good one. You are an experienced member of Myth, who is well-versed in the rules of the game. As new members join, you and other Member Services Team members will be assigned people to welcome to the game. You will help to ensure new members are as comfortable as possible by keeping them informed, answering rules questions, and helping them at their first event. 
  8. Minion: You are temporarily bolstering the ranks of the NPCs. You are planning to go player at some point or haven’t made the commitment to join the ranks of our permanent NPCs and World Builders. Give in to peer pressure and make the jump. 
  9. NPC: You have committed to remaining on the operations side of Myth. As a permanent member, you are privy to more plot information and have access to more play some of the more longterm roles often seen in ongoing plot lines. Throughout the event, you will play numerous monsters, townspeople, and other characters that make the world seem real to the players. NPCs are allowed to switch to playing after a length of time determined by the Game Manager. 
  10. Support: You like helping our chef to prepare food and working in the kitchen, making sure the NPCs have snacks and drinks at all times and keeping the kitchen and Game Operations area clean. You remain behind-the-scenes and out-of-game, so no costumes are needed to help.
  11. Team Lead: You are the hand of the Director in the field, ensuring things go according to plan. You are also a leader-type and an experienced member of the operations team with strong knowledge of the game rules. As an NPC, you will play a variety of roles throughout the event. Additionally, you will lead groups of NPCs and Minions as monster encounters ensuring they are correctly statted, understand the rules, and are safe at all times.
  12. World Builder: Creating between events, our World Builders are the creative writers who breathe life into the game world with interactive plot lines. Being a World Builder is ideal for Dungeon Master types who enjoy world-building and making sure their players have an enjoyable experience.