Myth Rules Update 1.6.0

After months of intense work and collaboration between Myth’s Narrators, Cast, and Players, we are pleased to announce our updated Players Handbook release. We hope you like what you see.

Download the free PDF now

After reading, we expect you’ll have questions, so we’re adding a Rulebook Questions forum to our Discord Server. A designated member of our production team will be taking your questions there and on our Facebook Mythgnomers Group. We encourage your participation as it will help form the basis for our FAQ to be released later.

Our updates went through a lengthy vetting process by the entire team. If you have serious reservations about a particular update, please contact us at with your concern. In the coming days, we’ll be announcing a day and time for a live rulebook Q&A session on Discord. Watch our Mythgnomers page for details.

Changes to Banking 

As you explore the updated rules, you will notice the in-game bank’s function will be changing. Starting at the next event, the bank will only be storing coins. If you have anything other than coins in the bank, we will provide those items to you at the start of your next event.

If you have anything in the bank, please contact us at to check your balance.

Updated Crafting System

One of the most significant changes to our rules is the expanded crafting system. As this improved system is more in-depth than before, we will be working with the individual players on a one-to-one basis to convert your crafting goals to the new system. If you previously had any crafting professions (including Alchemists and Artificers), please email Craftmaster Kenny at In your email, please include:

  • The name of your crafting profession
  • The crafting processes/recipe you know
  • Their level (novice, journeyman, master)

Once we have received this information, we will set up an online meeting where Kenny will work with you to reconcile recipes or guide you to your crafting goals.

You must have this meeting scheduled and completed before February 28, 2021, to allow ample time for recipe conversion. We will not have the ability to do this for you at the event, so please reach out to us as soon as you can. 

GO BIG & Crafting Experiments

Before we get into GO BIG and Crafting, I’d like to give another huge thank you to everyone who stepped up to help Myth. Despite the fact we were unable to run physical events in 2020, our expenses didn’t care. Thanks again for being there for the community.

When Players decided to GO BIG, we treated it like they had attended the event. We provided them their event XP, Feedback Letter XP, and access to experiment if they had a class that did so. With our new crafting system being so customizable, we have opted to provide experimentation vouchers for those bonus months.

Experimentation Vouchers are turned in at the end of the event and enable you to perform a crafting experiment at a ZERO labor cost. We felt this was the best way to tailor this new system to your needs.

Gathering In-Game Item Info

We’re compiling a list of all in-game items. If you have any yellow-stickered items, magic items, things of value, plot-related items, and anything that may confer an in-game benefit, please email Craftmaster Kenny at You do not need to list single-use consumables such as potions, charms, or crafting components.

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