Our Mission

We Believe in You

Myth engages and entertains its members during weekend-long events designed to inspire and challenge them. We encourage and train the next generation of role-players, providing an avenue to develop lifelong friendships in a diverse community.

We honor the inherent power of live roleplaying to illustrate our collective humanity. 


Our Core Values


Leading by example, we collaborate with our members to create an atmosphere that empowers them to do their best. 


We strive to always work together with our members, keeping them in the loop through clearly defined channels. 


Our purpose in the live-roleplaying community transcends traditional gaming. We provide a venue for our members to forge lasting friendships through various communication outlets and community events. Members all become part of the family we choose. 


We are committed to having a positive atmosphere that promotes inclusion and honesty in our community with no tolerance for hate or discrimination. 

Fiscal Responsibility

We honor our members by demonstrating financial responsibility to ensure the longevity of our game without losing sight of the need to continuously improve what we offer.

Superior Service

Our members have come to expect quality, and we will always strive to exceed expectations whenever possible. Our team excels at making everyone feel welcome, supported, and excited.