Event Feedback Form

Unless otherwise specified, you have two weeks from the final day of the event you attended to receive XP for submitting the corresponding feedback letter. We will continue to accept late feedback letters without a point reward.

Note – this email is sent to our entire World Builder team. If you have something private to say, or a complaint about any specific player or NPC, please do not send it through this form. 

Your Feedback Is Important

Your feedback is essential to us, which is why we award XP for giving it. Telling us about your experience, good or bad, means that we can better understand what is important to you, what we are doing well, and where we need to make improvements.

Your feedback helps us to:

  • Make sure we pay attention to what makes the event fun for our friends.
  • Improve and enhance the Myth experience for everyone involved (players and NPCs).
  • Improve the stories we tell and the decisions we make going forward.
  • Ensure we remain transparent about improvements.

If there is something we are doing well or could do better, we want your constructive feedback. If you didn’t like something? How could we improve upon it in the future?

Setting Goals

Defining your character’s #1 goal helps us to better see the direction you are trying to take your character. Keep the World Builders informed as to what your current goal is, the steps you took at the event to achieve that goal, and what you plan to do in the future. 

Have Something Private to Share With Myth?

If there is something you need to say, but don’t want it to be shared with the entire World Building team, email the Game’s Owners Eric and Rachel directly at etetreault@mythlarp.com. Do not send a private message via form on our website or via Facebook. Please use direct email.