Important Announcement for Fall 2020

It is with great sadness we cancel all remaining Myth events for 2020. It has been our hope since the beginning to run this season, and we know you are just as hopeful, but we cannot compromise the safety of our friends. Whether you realize it or not, you are all very important to us. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We look forward to these events as much as everyone else, and canceling them is heartbreaking. 2021 is already in our sights, and we have requested the event calendar so we can book our adventure weekends as soon as possible. We want the community back together again as soon as we can.

In the meantime, our dedicated staff has plans to continue online workshops and other events through our Mythgnomers Facebook page. We hope you will join us there and return to Myth in the Spring once all this craziness has passed us by.

Yours in Adventure,

Rachel and Eric

What About My Event Registration?

Rachel and I have worked hard to keep Myth in the right place despite the challenges we have faced this year. The game, and the community it forges, are extremely important to us. If you have registered for any Myth fall events, here are your options from now through August 8, 2020:

If You Do Nothing
On August 8, we will move your registration to the first spring event (or another 2021 event of your choosing). 

Request a Refund
Email Eric at by August 8, to request a refund. If you miss the cutoff date for Fall, we will be unable to refund you. We will instead move your registration to the Spring of 2021. This restriction is because we have already paid all the required CT State Admissions & Dues taxes on your admission. 

“Go Big” for an Event or Two

You can contact us to “GO BIG” with your event registration. Going big means, you are donating your registration to Myth in exchange for:

  • Event XP: 300 XP for the event you would have attended.
  • PEL XP: 100 XP for your PEL, and you don’t even need to write one.
  • Bonus: 100 XP for helping Myth to get through these difficult times. 
  • Leveling: Going big for the event counts as attending the event for leveling purposes. 

NEW PLAYER NOTICE: If you are a new player and choose to Go Big, you receive all the same benefits as a current member, plus we will allow you to register as a New Player at the next event you attend. 500 XP is enough to start your first event at level 2.

“Go Big” for Fall Season Passes

If you purchased a season pass, you may contact us to “GO BIG” with your event registration for the entire season. Going big means, you are donating your season pass registration to Myth in exchange for:

  • Event XP: 900 XP (300 XP for each fall event you would have attended).
  • PEL XP: 300 XP (100 for each PEL you don’t need to write).
  • Bonus: 100 XP for helping Myth to get through these difficult times. 
  • Season Pass Bonus: You retain your 300 XP Season Pass Bonus.
  • Leveling: Going big for a fall season pass counts as attending all three events for leveling purposes. 

Donating your season pass gets you a total of 1,600 XP plus the opportunity to gain up to three levels based on your available XP. There is no discounted New Player option for Season Passes. 

Where Your Donations Go

Thank you in advance to everyone who chooses to Go Big. In the past, your support has enabled us to:

  • Coins: Purchase silver and gold coins, special slotted storage for our alchemy components.
  • Business: Keep up-to-date on our business status and other business-related expenses.
  • Office Supplies: From paper to printer ink, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes expenses involved with running events. 
  • Economy Stamps: Purchase unique leather and fabric stamps to accent our economic system.
  • Props: Purchase props for events, including a smoke machine controller for our high-end smoke machine and materials to line the tavern wall supports with carpet.
  • Trailer: Replace balding (and also flat) tires on our trailer as well as upkeep registration.
  • Tools: Purchased a toolbox and tools to make sure we have what we need to assemble the tavern walls, make onsite repairs, etc.
  • Website: Website upkeep, including business hosting, licensing, SSL, and domain fees.

Your donations make a huge difference enabling us to keep events affordable for everyone and are especially important during this unpredictable time. We can’t thank you enough for your support of the Myth community. It does not go unnoticed.